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Even the most well-read students, who regularly achieve above average grades can often fail to grasp the true significance and scope of the literature review they are expected to write. Thus, while drafting their literature review, they often limit their search to only immediately available literary works or peer reviewed studies.

On the contrary, a full-bodied literature review requires a student to exhibit a broader and more in-depth knowledge of the topic under consideration. In fact, the sources incorporated in a literature review can vary from the pamphlets published by NGOs to government publications.

Essay4writers is a home place to a team of professional writers, who not only possess a comprehensive academic background, but an insatiable interest in the current research and sources pertaining to their field of expertise. Even our editors are surprised by the unique ability of our writers to produce lit reviews with very rare and unexpected published sources.

This owes a lot to the fact that all our qualified writers have access to some of the most expansive libraries, online databases, journal archives, media publications, government archives and institutional databases. Consequently, this enables them to compile literature reviews that incorporate the information and ideas scattered across a variety of published sources.

Our expert writers are well aware that a thorough literature review must:

  • Sufficiently define the limit and scope of the problem under consideration
  • Correlate the research findings with the existing studies
  • Make suggestions for further research
  • Place the given study in a historical perspective
  • Evaluate the visibly favorable research techniques

Our literature reviews will contain complete research and bear a stamp of academic credibility, as they:

  • Correlate the views of different authors pertaining to the discussed topic
  • Pragmatically group together writers with similar opinions
  • Unearth the areas of disagreement amongst different authors
  • Evaluate all aspects of varied research methodologies
  • Mention noteworthy studies
  • Pin point the gaps in the existing research
  • Place the given study within the existing literature
  • Perfectly summarize the views scattered across various published works

Admittedly, you can always check the status of your literature review online. Moreover, you can effortlessly upload additional instructions, concerns, and textual sources of your choice to bring a touch of originality to your literature review. Besides, if you provide our writers with a sample of your writing, they can readily customize your literature review to be more consistent with your language skills, academic level, individual views, and personal interpretations.

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